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The Village of Caershire

The village of Caershire was known to be a very prestigious village until a bad rumor spread claiming that Judar cursed the land and now people claim that the village is "a corrupted area". What most people don't know is that this was a lie made by the dark guild to stop people from coming into the village. Only the dark guild knows that holy shards actually reside in the land which is why they spread that bad rumor. Want to find out more about the village of Caershire? Go to SSeraph's housing for the current story-line.

People to look out for in Caershire

Rank > Mc username (Might have a link to their wiki profile)

Owner and Head Builder: SSeraph

Builder: AZ60

Co-owner : Shadicar

Developer: Idate

Sign manager: Ebrielle

Sign manager: Grimaria

Moderator: LilTinyGarGar

Village Of Caershire Status

The village of Caershire holds the most significane in the kingdom of Hillford. It is where most of the important events take place and the role play is hosted by the founder of Hillford itself. The village of Caershire is now open to the public, but might still be a work in progress.

Update: The story-line to Caershire has now been completed. Caershire is no longer available to role play in but it isn't completely destroyed. Expect a new role play soon!

Beginning Arc

An unknown assassin was targeting Eifah, but he keeps killing the wrong person. After Eifah notices the assassin attempting to kill someone else, he runs into the rescue, but the assassin escapes. The assassin dropped a book which was picked up by Eifah afterwards. He studied the language the book was written in, but right when he was about to read the book, it was stolen by someone later to be revealed as Edmund. Eifah, King, and Red, go off to search for a copy of the book in the construction zone, but they happen to find the Dark Guild instead. After they managed to sneak into the dark guild, Eifah finds a book containing information about him which was quickly swiped away by King. King later hands the book to Edmund after getting horribly injured and they discover that Eifah is the new Judar. The magic council and secret guild now knows Eifah is the new Judar and they quickly remove any plans involving hurting Eifah in anyway.