​Coming of ageEdit

The coming of age ceremony is hosted once a year in Hillford to show young males at the age of 14 are prepared to sell their very souls for Hillford. The ceremony must be hosted by a magician of great power or those of high status. There are certain things people earn from the ceremony that hide meaning in them.

  • Tattoo
  • Wand
  • Longer hair
  • Wings

Those who have removed one of the four items that are listed are considered traitors to Hillford and forever wanted.

  • Demonic horns
  • Curved Demonic horns

Just having these special traits above cause you to become forever wanted in Hillford.

Once the ceremony is done, the magic kept locked inside you will be opened up and you will now be of legal age to have a job, choose a class, and travel alone.

​More coming in the futureEdit