Gender: Male
Race: Human
Occupation: Info Broker/Holy Wielder/Mage Guild Member
Current Status: Alive

Legend Kingsley


King and his Holy Weapon

Appearance Edit

Around six feet tall with pale skin and long curly strawberry blond hair that he tucks behind his ears. He wears a black shirt with grey vertical sprites down the sides, grey pants that fall over black boots, all under a black tail coat with grey patches on the shoulders and Black glasses.

Personality Edit

Normally going by "King" he is a cold hearted and sadistic man, he thinks himself higher than everyone else. He's noted for keeping his cool during fights, but doesn't have a high tolerance level for stupidity. King will do anything to get good information but will hire others to do his snooping for him while he keeps the image of a man with authority. He is extremely book smart however he gets bored easily. He will do pretty much anything to cure it from acting like a vampire for a day to actually having a heart and helping people. He's not a greedy man, his job actually reflects his crave of knowledge of all things. He frames from getting himself drunk in fear of saying somethings he shouldn't have.

Abilities and strong points Edit

  • Scissors Holy Wielder
  • Powerful Mage of different elements and spells
  • Flexibility and agility

Weaknesses Edit

  • Totally blind without his glasses
  • He's fast but doesn't have a lot of body strength
  • Will top lies with more lies

Back Story Edit

Quotes Edit

"Die and you don't get paid."

Additional Information/ Fun facts Edit

  • Legend is his legal name.
  • His favorite animal is a brown bear
  • Born with bad eye site
  • Has never had a real friend
  • Was bullied as a kid for his poor eye site