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This period of time at Hillford, also known as the 'Magic era' was as the name suggests, the time where new types of magic were being discovered and researched. It also happened to be the time where Judar and Louis were released from the prison the cauldron led them to. Finding out the two were no longer human but the very evil they used to defeat impacted them in a way and the people around them. Hillford was not so friendly towards evil spirits, demons, and other hellish creatures, causing Judar and Louis to experience the harsh reality the 'evil', no, the underworld creatures experienced. What will this hero and his accomplice do? Or should I say the two greatest foes of Hillford? Only you can tell. Join the housing owned by SSeraph on

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Hillford's statusEdit

As of now, Hillford is but a small town part of the Salv empire but also the home of many magical discoveries. It currently holds the title of the most active role play on this wiki and it is hosted by the creator of Hillford.

It is now released to the public but is still a work in progress.

Brief HistoryEdit

The settlement of Hillford was but a hidden away location that wasn't known to most people or sought out for until an unknown girl gained a strange power that nobody has ever seen before. Later, the news spread around kingdoms to empires, causing some magicians to come just to research her. After a few years, people learned about the heroic tales of the mysterious hero and the holy items his gang wielded, only causing a bigger riot. The Salv empire grew curious about these holy items and the mysteriously powerful power the girl earned, causing them to claim the settlement of Hillford for themselves after a very short war with an obvious victor. Hillford grew from a settlement to a town after some time but most people aren't descendants of the actual Hilltians (The name of Hillford's people but you can also say Hillfordians).

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