Gender: Female
Race: Nixie
Occupation: Holy Wielder

Current Status: Alive

Appearance Edit

The form that she has chosen for herself is a curvy young woman. She has a heart shaped face and pale skin. She has completely bluish purple eyes with no pupil. She also has rather large lips which seem to be red. She wears a loose blue dress secured by chains that cross tightly around her waist above her hips. On her feet she wears plain blue flats which are practical for her usage of them. She wears a metal headpiece with a blue stone. She has stark white hair which reaches her hips and is rather soft according to Red-coat. Overall Elidia is a rather pretty woman who looks around the age of 17. When she is happy, her eyes seem to shine.

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Elidia can be completely ruthless at times, and soft and kindhearted other times. Usually Elidia is helpful and protective over most people although if you get on her bad side expect to be manipulated and dragged through the dirt. She does not understand many simple human non-literal figure of speeches. Elidia tries her best to help any fae or nymphs who wander into Hillford to the best to her ability. When she is mad she usually storms off somewhere as another form apart from herself so it's harder to find her. She tries her best not to mention how her 'sisters' did things but sometimes she cannot help but relate something in her everyday life back to her life as a water nymph with others. She also sometimes flirts to get her way as she avoids using her power among men as much as possible.

Abilities and strong pointsEdit

  • Ability to turn into anything she's ever seen. (Animals and People only)
  • If she gets hurt she is able to turn into another form without having those injuries she received while in her previous form.
  • Able to manipulate men to make them do what she pleases.
  • Able to control the Holy chains and use them how she pleases.
  • Able to use the physical abilities of her forms e.g able to pick up heavy items.


  • She cannot use the magical powers of her forms e.g fire power.
  • She is prone to injury in her favorite form considering the form is a human.
  • It takes time and energy to shift between forms.
  • Sometimes does not understand simple human terms which can be used against her.
  • Tends to over react if someone threatens her or others.


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